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Hidden Villa started in 1981 with the purchase of one Morgan mare, in foal, at a Morgan sale. Bill and Carol Pettis had recently moved from a home in the suburbs of Los Angeles to a 5 acre lot in Rio Linda, California outside Sacramento). All that green grass looked liked an open invitation to raise horses for sale, which would add to the income of two full time State of California employees.

Carol and Bill Pettis

Since that beginning, we have made many friends, usually owned about 20 Morgans at any one time, averaged about one foal a year, written up many ads, attended many horse shows, and usually spent more money than we earned. It has become a way of life.

Lauri Blake and HVR Jamaica Mon

Hidden Villa raises pleasure horses that their owners can take in any direction (trail riding, horse shows) that they wish. In 1996 the foaling of a golden colt by a brown mare named WAW Flirtation brought Bill's daughter, Lauri Cummings-Blake, into the operation. She took Pal (HVR Found Gold) down to Paso Robles, to show him Western and English, bringing him along to the Oklahoma Nationals in 2001. Today we are still selling youngsters, and standing Pal to the public, and loving every minute of it.

Hidden Villa Morgans
Bill & Carol Pettis
5929 West 6th Street
Rio Linda, CA 95673
(916) 484-6191

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